How to Participate

  • How do I get on the B.B.C.S. Inc. program?
    Referrals to the B.B.C.S. Inc. program may be made by current Bountiful Blessings Community Services, Inc participants in good standing, or through our online application system. Current or past participants may contact to request a referral form, or can pick one up in our front office. If you do not know any current or past participants, you may use the online application. To access this, please go to  ‘Apply Here.’

  • Am I in need?
    If you are working yet struggling/barely making ends meet but you’re not receiving SNAP or TANF, you may qualify for the program.

  • May I walk through the warehouse before I decide?
    When a referral has been approved, the referring participant is encouraged to have the inquiring family walk/ shop through the warehouse on the participant’s regular shopping day to experience the warehouse first-hand. Based on this first shop through the warehouse, the ‘future’ participant can make a determination whether or not this program would be a good fit for their needs. If you’re an online applicant, the process is a little different. After you submit your self referral application, you wait for us to contact you. Once we reach out to you, and your application has been approved, you may come in for a tour and an intake interview.

  • What’s next?
    After the eye-opening, step-by-step overview of the B.B.C.S. Inc. shopping experience, you’ll sit down with one of our BBCS Inc staffers to complete an Intake Questionnaire. At that point the information is submitted for approval. The potential participant will be contacted with the final decision, usually within the next week.

To provide a community of support partnering with members to help them reach a level of self-sufficiency and sustainability through the dignity of exchange.

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