Volunteering at B.B.C.S. Inc.

  • All B.B.C.S. Inc families are required to start volunteering after one month on the program.
  • Each family volunteers a minimum of two hours a month, increasing to minimum four hours a month after three years on the program.
  • There is no scheduling required for volunteering in the warehouse.
  • The only shifts we schedule ahead of time are childcare and garden shifts, as well as donation pickup routes (see childcare/ garden/ pickup details below).
  • Any adult or teen (14 years and up) living in the family household can fulfill the family’s required volunteer shift.
  • Family volunteer requirements cannot be satisfied by helpers outside of the immediate household.
  • Volunteers must commit to a full two-hour shift. A minimum of two hours per volunteer is required every time you volunteer in the warehouse and cannot be split by two family members.
  • We ask that you rotate warehouse shifts between the morning, afternoon, and closing shifts. This means that in the course of a year you do four morning, four afternoon, and four clean up shifts. Having volunteers in the warehouse when it comes time to clean up shop is vital, and we like to make sure volunteers are evenly dispersed throughout the day.
  • All families are required to do one clean up shift every 3 months.
  • Each family is required to do at least two garden shift every year between March 1 and October 31 (see garden details below).

Getting Started in the Warehouse

  • All first-time volunteers must start by reading these guidelines, followed by signing a volunteer liability release form, then signing up for a name tag to be made in the front office.
  • After your first-time volunteering, get started with your shift by getting your name tag from yellow name tag bin in the front office, then sign in on the volunteer clipboard at the counter.
  • Women volunteers report to our clean room supervisor who is usually located in or around the clean room/ kitchen.
  • Male volunteers report to our men’s volunteer coordinator who is usually located towards the back of the warehouse.
  • The volunteer coordinator will assign you jobs to do during your shift. Remember, all shifts are a minimum of two hours.


Individual Volunteers


Group Volunteer