Bountiful Blessings Community Services Inc.

Bountiful Blessings Community Services Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Chesterfield, Virginia that obtained it’s 501© 3 in July of 2016. Formed by Pearl Cooper, out of loving memory and respect for her parents as well as her childhood community that instilled a high standard of ethics, and with blessings of financial support and encouragement from her husband the conception of B.B.C.S. Inc came to fruition.

The organization was formed to help working class individuals, families, and seniors (A.L.I.C.E.) who are facing financial challenges and may be struggling to make ends meet. Members / prospective members of our community have found themselves treading, barely keeping their head above water instead of swimming in the sea of financial stability.  Various changes in their financial circumstances such as reduced wages, medical expenses, loss of income, mounting debt, or any unexpected expenses may cause financial hardship or reduce the opportunity of savings for the future.

When this group of individuals find themselves in need of financial assistance, they do not qualify for help because of the government standard for poverty. Turning to the banks is not an option because usually they need small, short-term loans leaving them to turn to cash advance institution entering a revolving system of financial bondage. Often if cash advance loans are not the path chosen homes and cars are put in jeopardy resulting in a declaration of bankruptcy to find some form of relief.

Until the conception of Bountiful Blessings Community Services, Inc these individuals found there was nowhere to turn. Since B.B.C.S. Inc. people who are looking for a partnership and not charity are being blessed with the help they need and dignity they deserve.

Bountiful Blessings Community Services Inc. strives to provide a community of support through partnership that helps members become responsible, self-sufficient, and sustainable in an atmosphere of love, unity, humility and selflessness.

  • 8518 Leveret Ln N. Chesterfield, Va. 23235

  • call or text # 804-551-7649

To provide a community of support partnering with members to help them reach a level of self-sufficiency and sustainability through the dignity of exchange.

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