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Bountiful Blessings Community equips people with tools to overcome financial difficulty.  We offer core classes focused on money management, job-skills and resume writing as well as life-skill classes such as gardening, cooking and couponing.

We believe that new information can help to inspire new possibilities.  That’s why we require families on the Bountiful Blessings Community program to attend our re$tart Money Management seminar within their first year on the program.    We continue to evaluate and improve our class offerings aimed at helping families move toward self-sufficiency.

Financial Literacy

Empowering Families to Reach Their Goals

As a key part of its Sustainable Families Program, B.B.C.S. Inc. equips families with the tools they need to overcome financial difficulty. Upon joining the program, and on an annual basis, each family will meet with our Program Manager to discuss the why behind the numbers. From this point, each family receives personalized counseling and recommendations for the year. This is the heart of Bountiful Blessings Community as it is the driving force behind change and impact in the lives of our families. The Program Manager facilitates the success of Bountiful Blessings Community program participants in achieving their personal goals of self-sufficiency.

To provide a community of support partnering with members to help them reach a level of self sufficiency and sustainability through the dignity of exchange.

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