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  • 8518 Leveret Ln N. Chesterfield, Va. 23235

  • call or text # 804-551-7649

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    Have you read through the website and guidelines to fully understand the BBCS program?

    Are you willing and able to pay a monthly service fee of $80?

    Are you willing and able to contribute two hours of volunteer time a month?

    Is at least one member in your household employed or seeking employment (this could be you)?

    Are you receiving SNAP (food stamps)?

    Are you receiving TANF (welfare)?

    Do you fluently speak English?

    Are you a previous BBCS participant?

    If qualified and contacted by BBCS, are you willing and able to participate in an intake session?

    I understand that the BBCS program, although providing food, is primarily focused on helping working, struggling families become sustainable. This is achieved through regular interaction with our Sustainable Families Program Manager and financial mentors. I understand I will be asked to provide a current budget and income information, and am willing to discuss this information in detail and work through projected financial goals. I am willing to attend a financial training class, and am excited about making progress in eliminating debt and relieving stress in my life.


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    How did you hear about BBCS?

    Why do you have a need for the BBCS program?