Agency Guidelines January 2020

Please make a file on BBCS for your use and have each person who will be representing your agency at BBCS read through these guidelines.

  1. Agencies that have been cleared to participate may come to shop on Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 10:30am (Please be on time J.) Doors open (and check-in begins) at 10:15am, please do not line up at the front door before 10:15am. We also ask that you do not arrive in the BBCS parking lot before 10:00am and that you are out of the parking lot by 12:15 pm. We have many volunteers and donors coming and going every morning and need the parking lot free until this time. Also, please bring only 2-3 helpers total to assist you, this helps avoid congestion in the parking lot. You may return empty crates, etc., to the warehouse after 10:30am.
  2. Choose one day as your regular pickup day and come weekly on that day. If you can’t come that day, you may make it up another day that week. It’s not necessary to call if you are substituting your regular day. Please have a consistent point person shop for your agency.
  3. Please check in with the front desk person upon arriving. Open-toed shoes/heels are prohibited in the warehouse. After checking in, please obtain your agency name tag. Anyone in the warehouse during agency time MUST be wearing their agency name tag. If yours is lost or misplaced, please see the front desk about getting a replacement.
  4. If you have been called for a special pickup, generally we like to have agencies with big trucks use our docks before 10:00am and after 1:00pm, and we may assign you a dock time.
  5. The white ‘needs and haves’ board on the wall and all flyers and paperwork (classes, drawings, etc.) in the front office are for our participating families only. All agency paperwork is located on the rack (where the clipboards are) in the warehouse.
  6. Please use our rolling carts, shopping carts and hand trucks to move your items through the warehouse. Be aware at all times of any equipment that may be utilized around you, and ALWAYS GIVE EQUIPMENT THE RIGHT OF WAY. This is for your safety! Please, no more than TWO people per agency in the warehouse at any given time.
  7. As you shop, please leave the area orderly. (Put signs back where they belong, remove boxes you empty, close refrigerator doors, etc.) If you spill or break something, please clean it up. Take only the items that have been designated for agencies. Take only what your agency will use; in other words, for the group of people you have indicated on your green Agency Form. Also, please be respectful and considerate of other shopping agencies. Those who do not abide by our cultural values will be removed as a shopping agency.
  8. Please weigh your products and enter the total weight on the ‘Agency-Out Kiosk’ located in the warehouse.
  9. Please be finished shopping and leaving the parking lot by 12:15pm.
  10. Nothing that you receive from BBCS, Inc may be sold. This protects our relationship with our donors.
  11. Boots..not presently available
  12. Bountiful Blessings Community Services, Inc. is primarily a self-supporting agency. Our families and agencies pay a monthly service fee which covers all operational costs (rent, gas, utilities, shrink wrap, etc.) and pays for our employees. We gladly give other agencies about 30% of our product. Agencies that come on a regular/semi-regular basis pay a $125 monthly service fee unless you are REGULARLY reciprocating with product. We currently accept cash, check, money orders, or debit card ($3 merchant fee).
  13. The agency service fee is due by the end of the month for the following month (ie. pay by October 31 for November). If you pay on the 1st for the current month, your payment is already late. You may pay in advance (quarterly, yearly, etc.) if you are interested in doing so. Each agency is allowed two late notices in a two-year period. Any subsequent late payments will incur a $50 late fee.
  14. Any participating agency that does not attend for one month and hasn’t contacted us, will be removed from the program.
  15. Agencies are required to fill out an update form with us annually at the beginning of the year. In addition, it is the agency’s responsibility to fill out an update form with any change in management.
  16. We do not provide childcare for agencies. In an emergency, you may call the warehouse and see if there will be childcare available for you.
  17. Clipboards, shopping sheets, and extra agency guideline sheets are located on the rack by the warehouse door (next to the shopping carts). Please do not use our ‘family participation’ forms .
  18. Agencies are not eligible to refer families for participation on this program. If you know a family in need, please have them apply for participation from our website.

Providing a community of loving support, partnering with members embarking on their journey towards a level of self-sufficiency and sustainability through the dignity of exchange.

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