Bountiful Blessings Community Services, Inc.


Our mission is to provide applicable training and services for wise empowered living providing resources today that lead to security tomorrow.


We seek to be :

* Loving, compassionate, and selfless

* Excellent stewards over all entrusted to us

* A source today that leads to tomorrow’s security

We seek to provide :

* Opportunities of responsibility, accountability, self-sufficiency and sustainability

* Applicable training for wise living

* A community of unity, humility and selflessness

Who we are

We are individuals who have joined forces to address the needs of the “ALICE” workers ( Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed) of our community. B.B.C.S. Inc’s theory for change is based on principles of “The Dignity of Exchange”. Partnering with community organizations, volunteers, and others firmly believing that everyone has worth and something of value to contribute. Therefore we stress the importance of personal responsibility and accountability, which leads to self-sufficiency and sustainability. This achieves the desired transformation through a community working together to attain desired results. Exposure to an encouraging, loving community we believe will stabilize families/ individuals who are approaching or on the brink of financial destruction. Dignity or the lack thereof is a hindrance for many who need help because they believe it diminishes if they ask for help. That’s why our program is designed to be a partnership; meaning members selflessly contribute their part as we unite in service to our community. BBCS, Inc provides families the opportunity to reach their goals of decreasing or eliminating debt, catching up on mortgage/ car payments, paying medical/dental expenses, obtain vocational training to earn a livable wage as well as save for the future, leveling the economic playing field.

What we do

Bountiful Blessings Community Services Inc. (B.B.C.S. Inc.) provides applicable training and services to members helping level the economic playing field by providing more affordable healthy food options and sources for financial stability:

  1. Re-distributing wholesome food, clothing and household goods deemed surplus by product donors
  2. Providing workshops / training designed to equip families with knowledge and skills for achieving fiscal stability.